April & May 2024 Newsletter

Rush Fire District

RESPONSE: We have hired several first responders/laborers to do truck checks and other duties Monday through Saturday at the Station 1 on Rush Mendon Road. They also respond with a pumper or rescue to all calls for service.

STATE WIDE BURNING BAN: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) burn ban went into effect on March 16th and lasts through May 14th. You are not allowed to burn anything in the Town of Rush at any time. If you have any questions call (585) 533-1312.

LUCAS CPR DEVICE: Members have been trained and we have put this device in-service. The Lucas device will do compressions on a victim needing CPR. This cost the fire district $25,000. It is important that CPR compressions are started immediately. So take a CPR class ASAP.

AMBULANCE BILLING: We are still working on the billing situation for ambulance responses. If you have Medicare or Medicaid the cost will be covered by them like it is now when CHS MIHC or Honeoye Falls-Mendon Ambulance transports you. If you are on Medicare or Medicaid or under 65 and have insurance they will get the bill. If you have no insurance you will not receive a bill. The complete information will be on the Rush Fire District website. When a new ambulance is needed the cost will be paid for by the Fire Department using fund drive money.

Volunteer Fire Department & Ambulance

ANNUAL FUND DRIVE: All residents will receive a fund drive request for Ambulance and Fire Department operations in the near future. A special “thank you” to all of the residents that contributed to our annual fund drive which brought in $49,000 in 2023. Over the years your fund drive money has purchased 8 ambulances, the 4 rescue trucks, the two 4-wheel drive trucks, the 2 ATVs, the Boats and trailers, the “Jaws of life” and thousands of dollars of other equipment and radios. Your firefighters appreciate the Rush community financial support that is unmatched per mailing anywhere in western New York!

PAST OFFICER BANQUET: Was held on March 2nd at the Wildwood Country Club. Dale Sweet was recognized for his 40 years of service and received certificates from the NYS Assembly & Senate. More information is posted on our website at rushfd.org.

EMERGENCIES: We have responded to 85 calls as of March 12th. We are happy to report none were very serious.

RECRUIT NY – FASNY: Recruit New York open house will be held at station one located at Rush Mendon Road on April 13th, 2024 at 10am to 2pm. Stop down and see the equipment and visit with the firefighters.

FIRE PREVENTION: Many of the fire publications have fire department’s that boast about how many serious calls they respond to. We boast on how the residents that we serve are very fire and safety conscious and do not need our services very often. We thank you for this! Please continue the great work. We feel that our years of fire prevention & education efforts have paid off. These efforts do work and help control accidental fires and resulting injuries or death in Rush.

FACEBOOK: “Like us” on Facebook. There are health and safety messages posted, breaking news on incidents, congratulations to our members, photos, and much more. Check it out.

IS THERE A FIRE IN YOU? We have firefighters who volunteer hundreds of hours to provide fire protection and emergency medical response in the town of Rush and to our neighbors through mutual-aid. They also save the taxpayers money by doing maintenance on the equipment, cleaning the stations, mowing the lawns and many other things that have nothing to do with fighting fires. We can always use more help – think about it. What if that siren sounded and no one responded? We have many tasks at emergency scenes which do not involve you going into a burning structure.