Ladies Auxiliary

  • President: Deborah A. David ((585) 730-2283)
  • Vice President: Carol Ann Stahl
  • Secretary: Michele Hicks
  • Treasurer: Kathy Reissig
  • Executive Officer: Bonnie Tobey

Active Members

  • Jamie Argauer
  • Jean Banker
  • Nancy Banker
  • Debby David
  • Mary Ann David
  • Karen Dell*
  • Karen Dolliver
  • Jocelyn Dundon
  • Linda Dundon
  • Linda Faugh*
  • Sally Faugh*
  • Sharon Flack-Hall
  • Ann Marie Gaffney
  • Linda Graney
  • Linda Henry*
  • Michele Hicks
  • Lou Ingersoll
  • Pat Kraus
  • Jennifer Krenzer
  • Kay Mack*
  • Joan Madigan*
  • Chris Miller
  • Faith Morse
  • Kelly O’Brien
  • Conchetta Platt
  • Kathy Reissig
  • Rose Rossi-Williams
  • Laurie Schreiber
  • Carol Ann Stahl
  • Nancy Sweet*
  • Bonnie Tobey*
  • Ronnie Wheeler*
  • Annette Wilusz

*life member


It started on June 29, 1948 at the home of our first leader, Bertha Behnk. A group of wives of Rush Fire Fighters at that time decided to form an organization to support the department and the work they did in protecting the town of Rush.

Since 1948 we have lost members and gained members. Through it all, the Rush Auxiliary has remained one of the few active auxiliaries In the region. Unfortunately, none of the founding charter members are still with us with the last of them, Carrie Dell, passing in 2014.

Donations to Rush Fire Department: Over the years the Auxiliary has donated over $110,000 to the Rush Fire Department.

Scholarships: The Auxiliary has awarded 43 scholarships for almost $50,000 since its start in 1999.