Distinguished Service

The Distinguished Service Award is presented to an active firefighter at the annual banquet to acknowledge their service, dedication and accomplishments to the department over their years of membership.

2020Dick Crawford
2019Jenna Merdak
2013Steve Winner
2012Tom Cusker
2012Diana Pfersick
2009Dan Monaghan
2008Bev Smith
2007Clem Bayer
2006Peter Henry
2005Jim Bucci
2004Dale Sweet
2003Charles Heisig
2002J Sheppard
2001Mike Terzo Sr
2000Wayne Burdett
1999D Fanning
1998Carey Dell
1997Roger Tobey
1996J Princerhorn
1995Larry Meston
1994Paul Sheppard
1993Dick Meese
1992Ron Faugh
1991Bob Faugh
1990Tom Krenzer
1989Dick Wheeler
1988Bob Lonthair
1987Lynn Mack
1986Alvin Sweet
1985Donald Bock
1984Tony Rossi
1983Robert Bock
1982Charles Flutts
1981Oscar Dell
1980Les Faugh
1979Vince Behnk