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The Rush Volunteer Fire Department has been proudly serving our community since 1920.

We appreciate your support.

  Rush Fire Dept. - 1971 Rush-Mendon Road, Rush, New York 14543  585-533-2058   rfdept@rochester.rr.com   bfaugh@rochester.rr.com)


50  Calls so far 2020

2020 CARNIVAL DATES: JULY 9, 10 & 11

On Saturday 1/18/20 Fifteen Rush Fire Officers & firefighters attend an Instructors training class from the contractor that the Rush Fire District hired to provide the most updated "Best Practices" training available for your firefighters.  This is 40% of the active membership of the department. If you had to pay wages to theses VOLUNTEERS it would have cost $2,500 in payment for them to attend this class.

We responded to 500 calls in 2019  310 EMS (Includes MVAs w/ Inj) and  190 fire type responses and MVAs w/ No injuries.  We had no structure related fires with any loss in 2019 - SEE BELOW FOR COMPLETE BREAKDOWN


Old VHF Radio System needed two radios and 2 - 100 Watt boosters. This part of our $270,000 radio system upgrade that we had to do to comply with the counties new radio system in January of 2020.

New "Trunking" Radio System photo below



TO BUY ON LINE -  https://rushfdcoin.org

Our 100 year anniversary is in 2020 and the anniversary committee has a limited amount of fund raiser collector coins available to offset the cost of our many events for 2020. These collector coins can be obtained from some Rush firefighter including Jim Bucci, Duane Fanning, Tyler Grillo, Bob Faugh and Eric McNeil.  They are $10.00 from members. If you want one in the mail its $12.00.  Send a check made out to Rush FD to Treasurer Bob Faugh - PO Box 252, Rush, NY 14543.  The coin is 1.75 inches across


2019 Emergency Calls
Fire/Rescue/MVAs     190 EMS / Ambulance                 310
Chimney fire 1 minor damage Rush transport BLS 56
Auto fire 1 total loss Rush transport ALS 33
stove fire 1 out on arrival Rush crew share 5
Propane tank 1 out on arrival M/A ALS calls 50
Light socket smoking 1 breaker tripped out M/A BLS calls 28
Roll of dumpster 1 trash burned up Amb. Canceled 33
Trees in road 3             Pt. refused trans. 44
wires down or burning 13             Medical alarms 10
fumes 5             lift assist 19
CO alarms 8 No CO found stand bys                 10
Automatic alarms 35 18 cooking M/A other towns    4
Good intent 12             ALS to  I-390 10
Brush, grass, rubbish 6             DOA no transp. 5
Assist on E level call 6             No pt. found 3
Hand cuff & restraints 4 310
Mutual Assist neighbors       19
dog rescue 1 We had a F/R at 75% of the
missing person 1 M/A calls for ALS & BLS
water problems                        5 
Motor vehicle accidents         66
M/A to Rush 3 times
Automatic Alarms - Cooking 18,
Water flow 1, Heat 2, malfunctions 14
Good intent - truck brakes, 2 blown turbos    
smoke in area, radiator leak 4, trash tk smoking
chimney smoking, barn fire, grass fire