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The Rush Volunteer Fire Department has been proudly serving our community since 1920.

We appreciate your support.

  Rush Fire Dept. - 1971 Rush-Mendon Road, Rush, New York 14543  585-533-2058   rfdept@rochester.rr.com   bfaugh@rochester.rr.com)

Emergency Calls 08/26/15   245


Congratulation: Rush Firefighter/AEMT Diana Pfersick has been elected to the Board of Directors of FASNY (NY State Fire organization) which represents 92,000 NYS Firefighters and EMS personnel. She is also chair person of their EMS Committee. Diana is Past President of the Monroe Co. Firemen's Asso, Past President, Vice President, Secretary and Ambulance Lt. in the Rush FD. 

Congratulations: Brent Argauer successfully completed the NYS Firefighter One - 90 Hour  training program at the Monroe County Training Center. Kevin Kolmetz completed NYS - FF 1 "Boot Camp" at the Public Safety Training Center on August 7.  Jessie Strader for completing his NYS DOH Certified EMT.  Kyle McNeil successfully completed the NYS Pump Operators course.

CARNIVAL DATES FOR 2016: July 7, 8 and 9  Midway of Utica will supply rides and midway. We had many more positive response to this company than negative. The few negatives will be worked out!

DO YOU HAVE WORKING SMOKE ALARMS IN SEVERAL LOCATIONS IN YOUR HOME?  What about where your kids or grand kids are spending time and sleeping over at friends and relatives?  SEVEN children died in Brooklyn, NY this past winter sleeping over at a relatives home without any smoke alarms. The fire started from a pot on a hot plate.

The AMERICAN RED CROSS will come to your home an install them FOR FREE Call 585-241-4358

MENDON:  1st place Ladies Aux, Judges Award Band Leader,

SPENCERPORT: 1st place Band, Color Guard, Ladies Aux and Antique.

WEBSTER: Best Auxiliary, Best FD 1-9,  FD Band prize

EAST ROCHESTER: 1st place Best FD 1-9  3rd Best FD Color Guard, 

        3rd Best FD Band, 1st Best Drum Major,  1st Best Ladies Auxiliary

FARMINGTON: 1st Best FD Color Guard, 1st Best Ladies Auxiliary,

2nd Best Band 

CLIFTON: 1st place Ladies Aux. 1st place FD Color Guard    


Click on: WWW.FireInYou.org



August 10th Drafting

August 17th Pumper Relay  - drafting f/ river

August  24th Boat Operations (One pumper with crew to East Avon)

Sept. 14th - MC Haz-Mat Decon Drill @ HFD station # 6 w/ HFD Members

Sept. 18th - FAA Airport Disaster Drill


08/03/15 19:00 Fire membership meeting - followed by directors meeting        
08/07/15 19:00 Clifton Parade - E9, Ladies, Band & Color Guard        
08/12/15 15:00 MC Chief Equipment Show & Dinner - Burgandy Basin Inn        
08/13/15 18:00 County Fire Dist Special Meeting at Brighton - Radio System update        
08/18/15 19:00 Rush Fire Commissioners meeting at Station 1        
08/19/15 14:30 MC EMS DO's Meeting Followed by County EMS Advisory Board mtg @ PSTC        
08/20/15 18:00 MC Fire Dist Officer picnic & meeting at Spencerport Exempts        
    FASNY Convention in Albany NY - Tuesday 8/18 thru Saturday 8/22