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The Rush Volunteer Fire Department has been proudly serving our community since 1920.

We appreciate your support.

  Rush Fire Dept. - 1971 Rush-Mendon Road, Rush, New York 14543  585-533-2058   rfdept@rochester.rr.com   bfaugh@rochester.rr.com)



MONTHLY MEETING: We held the monthly meeting Monday night after getting advice from our county medical director and did the spacing and mask procedures. It was left up to the members if they wanted to attend 32 showed up. It lasted about 1 hour. It was a good thing we held the meeting because we had a serious ambulance call and the rig was on the road in less than ONE minute.

ANNUAL MAY FUND DRIVE: We are holding off on the annual fund drive to at least October due to the financial situations that many of our resident are having to deal with.

CARNIVAL & RAFFLE: We will make the final decision after June 1st. There are many thing to consider. Will we have rides and concessions? We are working with American Amusements on this issue. Can the Aux. provide the food tent? What about the beer distributor? Even if thing open up would we be exposing our residents to a risk? Would we be exposing our members and those who help us to that risk? If we held it would anyone show up?

WE WILL HAVE THE 50/50 RAFFLE even if we don't have a carnival. We have 700 Books of tickets to sell. That information will be on another post on the facebook page soon with a list of who you can get tickets from. Last year we had 500 books and sold out.

ENGINE 9: Several members have been working on this 73 year old Rush pumper for several months at the West Rush station. They found many more items that needed to be repaired and they were done. The motor rebuilt, the transmission rebuilt, the fuel system put back to its org. operation & a new radiator. It runs like a dream.


Saturday May 2nd Members of Rush FD , CHS Ambulance and Monroe Co. Sheriffs conducted a "Tributes of Lights" in memory of Chief Jim Bucci at Rush Station #1


We held TWO Parades and covered 75 miles of Rush roads.

The FIRE STATIONS are closed due to the virus - No meetings, drills, training or any other activities. We are still responding to any and all calls for service. Stay home if you can and use common sense before you do anything

From Rush FD Ladies Aux. - Due the the Nation wide cancellation of every event large or small due to COVID19.  These Rush Ladies Auxiliary events are being postponed until further notice. Kids Easter Egg Hunt March 28th, 2020, The Ladies Auxiliary Monthly Meeting 3/30/2020 and the Chicken & Biscuits Fundraiser 4/4/2020.   Looking forward to seeing you all in the future!

117  Calls so far 2020

STILL ON as of Today - 2020 CARNIVAL DATES: JULY 9, 10 & 11


OUR 100 YEAR ANNIVERSARY & Past Officer Banquet 2020 Saturday March 7, 2020: It was held at the RIT Conference Center in Henrietta. 174 Members & Guest attended. Bob Lonsberry was the MC. Plaques were presented from CHS Ambulance, NYS Asso. of Fire Chief, Northern Central Firemens Asso SPAAMFAA (Antique Fire Equipment Asso.) and The Rush Fire District. Certificates were presented by Adam Bello from the County of Monroe, FASNY (NYS Firemens Asso.) NYS Senate, NYS Office of Fire Prevention & Control.   The Rush FD Ladies Aux. presented a donation check for $3,000 to the Fire Department. The Fire District gave a brief history of how much the Fire Department has assisted the Rush Fire District since 1936 when it was formed. Jenna Cirincione received the DISTINGUISHED SERVICE award for her many years of dedicated service. Luther Keyes received his LIFE MEMBERSHIP Gold Card. The other members honored who received plaques and service award pins will be listed down below here. Entertainment was provided by Up State Vegas, DJ Kevin O'Connor and Photos by Tone Entertainment. Many members assisted with the banquet with Jenna Cirincione, Heidi Sweet and Bob Faugh as co-chairs...

Rush Fire Department 2020 Awards @ Past Officers Banquet

Social Officer Awards: [Presented by Jenna Cirincione]

Andrew Socola Sr. for serving as Assistant Secretary …….. 2018 - 2019

Duane Fanning for serving as President…………………….... 2017-2019

Jenna Cirincione for serving as Vice President ……. ………..2016-2019

James Bucci Jr. for serving as a Director……………………... 2003-2019

Line Officer Awards: [Presented by Jon Faugh]

Ronald Faugh for serving as Captain.......................................................2018

Joshua Gretzinger for serving as Lieutenant…………………………… 2019

Dan Kwiecien for serving as Lieutenant ………. …………………..…..2019

Eric McNeil for serving as Lieutenant…………………………………..2018-2019

Andrew Socola Sr. for serving as Lieutenant…………………………….2016-2019

Kevin Smith for serving as Captain ………………. …………………..2019

Jenna Cirincione for serving as EMS Director of Operations…………. 2019

Sean Brown for serving as 2nd Asst. Chief………………………………2019

James Bucci Jr. for serving as Chief …………. …………………………2019

Jonathan Faugh for serving as 1st Asst. Chief……… ………………….2019 [Presented by Jim McNeil]

Years of Service Awards (Pins): [Presented by Heidi Sweet & Jon Faugh]

Scott Goodman ……….....10 years

Andrew Socola…………. .10 Years

Jenna Cirincione……..…..10 Years

Luther Keyes ……….…....25 Years [Gold Card]

James Princehorn……..….50 Years

Distinguished service award (Plaque) Presented by Robert Faugh to Jenna Cirincione

PAST OFFICERS & 100th Anniversary  from RUSH FIRE DISTRICT

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FROM THE BEGINNING: Rush Fire District was formed in 1927.   The fire department held annual fund drives and went door to door to raise money to operate the department at that time the district budget was $1,600.  Very little tax money was available to run the operation.  In the years that followed the district provided E-9 and TA18.  

FD BUILT GARAGE FOR AMBULANCE & RESCUE TRUCK:  In 1957 the Department built a small garage on their property at 1957 Rush-Mendon Road for the ambulance and rescue truck R-1 – Which was the FIRST rescue truck in Monroe Co.    

FD DONATED LAND FOR STATION: In 1971 the Fire District built station #1 for a cost of $220,000 and made a deal with the Fire Department for them to pay the utilities for 10 years due to the low tax base for fire district operations. The Fire Department donated the land where the station one was built.

 STATION ONE: When it was built the district did not have the fund to pay for the heat, lights and insurance so the FIRE DEPARTMENT agreed to pay those bill for TEN years.   

FD PURCHASED GENERATOR: In 1977 after a major power outage in town the Fire Department purchased and installed a 45 KW Gas Generator for $10,000 – It was later converted to natural gas.  In 1991 it ran for 4 days straight and we responded to over 400 calls that week… 

FD MEMBERS CONTRIBUTIONS: Over the past years - the past officers and past member did a lot of the maintance on the fire apparatus and buildings & ground which save the taxpayers tons of money.  We are blessed with some very talented, handy and knowledgeable people.  

FD PURCHASED & DONATIONS: Over the year the Fire Department & Ladies Aux has donated close to TWO MILLION $$$ for  8 Ambulances, 4  Rescue Trucks,  2 Brush Trucks,  Boats & trailers along with radio, pagers, base stations, Jaws of Life , ambulance equipment and equipment too numerous to list.  Many of these projects the district paid ½ and The FD paid ½ like for the sign out front of station one. These fund came from fund drives, carnival profits, memorials, tractor pulls, dog shows and other fund raising events.  

OUR RELATIONSHIP: In 1927 the Budget was $1,600 and in 2020 it is $350,000.  The Fire District & Fire Department has had relationship and cooperation together which is unheard of in most places.   We are sure that this will continue and acknowledge the officer and members now and in the past that has made this possible. We can tell you that what we have here we take for granted and expect nothing less - because as AL SWEET has jokingly said “we have always done it that way” and in this area of cooperation and financial assistance he is 100% correct.


We responded to 500 calls in 2019  310 EMS (Includes MVAs w/ Inj) and  190 fire type responses and MVAs w/ No injuries.  We had no structure related fires with any loss in 2019 - SEE BELOW FOR COMPLETE BREAKDOWN


TO BUY ON LINE -  https://rushfdcoin.org

Our 100 year anniversary is in 2020 and the anniversary committee has a limited amount of fund raiser collector coins available to offset the cost of our many events for 2020. These collector coins can be obtained from some Rush firefighter including Jim Bucci, Duane Fanning, Tyler Grillo, Bob Faugh and Eric McNeil.  They are $10.00 from members. If you want one in the mail its $12.00.  Send a check made out to Rush FD to Treasurer Bob Faugh - PO Box 252, Rush, NY 14543.  The coin is 1.75 inches across


2019 Emergency Calls
Fire/Rescue/MVAs     190 EMS / Ambulance                 310
Chimney fire 1 minor damage Rush transport BLS 56
Auto fire 1 total loss Rush transport ALS 33
stove fire 1 out on arrival Rush crew share 5
Propane tank 1 out on arrival M/A ALS calls 50
Light socket smoking 1 breaker tripped out M/A BLS calls 28
Roll of dumpster 1 trash burned up Amb. Canceled 33
Trees in road 3             Pt. refused trans. 44
wires down or burning 13             Medical alarms 10
fumes 5             lift assist 19
CO alarms 8 No CO found stand bys                 10
Automatic alarms 35 18 cooking M/A other towns    4
Good intent 12             ALS to  I-390 10
Brush, grass, rubbish 6             DOA no transp. 5
Assist on E level call 6             No pt. found 3
Hand cuff & restraints 4 310
Mutual Assist neighbors       19
dog rescue 1 We had a F/R at 75% of the
missing person 1 M/A calls for ALS & BLS
water problems                        5 
Motor vehicle accidents         66
M/A to Rush 3 times
Automatic Alarms - Cooking 18,
Water flow 1, Heat 2, malfunctions 14
Good intent - truck brakes, 2 blown turbos    
smoke in area, radiator leak 4, trash tk smoking
chimney smoking, barn fire, grass fire