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The Rush Volunteer Fire Department has been proudly serving our community since 1920.

We appreciate your support.

  Rush Fire Dept. - 1971 Rush-Mendon Road, Rush, New York 14543  585-533-2058   rfdept@rochester.rr.com   bfaugh@rochester.rr.com)

2018 CARNIVAL DATES: JULY 20, 21 and 22

Emergency Calls as of 12/10/17   440

SANTA Arrived via Pumper 584 Lights & Siren for the Kids Christmas Party Friday night Decemberr 8th put on by the RUSH FD Ladies Aux.  


Monroe Co. Joint FIRE SERVICE AWARDS Appreciation Dinner 10/12/17 was held at Diplomat Party House. A UNIT COMMENDATION AWARD was presented to the Rush & Honeoye Falls Fire Departments for a complicated extrication on Rt 65 in Mendon on the very cold night of February 4, 2017. The sheriff's dept. said vehicle going over 100 MPH struck the pole and tree. The operator survived but was trapped in the wreck. The Rush crew members were Chief Jim McNeil, Asst. Chief Mike Terzo, Past Chiefs Bob Faugh & Dale Sweet, Firefighters Kevin Kolmetz, Tyler Grillo and Erin McNeil.

        PUMPER/TANKER 583 UPGRADES - Saves the Rush taxpayer $500,000

The Rush Fire District - 25 year old Pierce/Dash 1,000 tank, 1,250 pump upgrade.  Had everything from the pump panel back repainted and repaired by Hawk Frame& Axle last year. The frame in good shape. Braking system like new. This year new rear Amber and Blue warning LEDs, Rear step modifications, Cones now on rear step. New Brow 20,000 Lumens LED Flood light on the cab and two new 20,000 Lumens LED flood lights replacing old 500W tele-lights. 110Volt Inverter for the flood lights - Turn on from the dash.  "Think pad" in the officers position.   The booster tank may have to be replaced and when it does we will probably add a foam system. This truck has none of the latest EPA crap on the engine and no computers to fail in the pumping operation. A replacement for this unit would cost $500,000.   When you pull a lever on this rig something happens - you may not like what happens but something is going to happen. NO screen flashing with a message "CALL THE FACTORY" when the computers decide not to function.  Not bad for a 25 year old pumper/tanker.


Monday night August 28, Asst. Chief Jon Faugh, Capt Joe Watlack, F/Fs Beth Faugh & Tyler Grillo took P582 to the Mary Carola Group home on Rush-Scottsville Road. They spent 2 hours with the kids . Those kids never get to come to the FD open house so we brought it to them. They brought kids from other close group homes. They were put in the drivers seat and used the siren and air horns (neighbors probably loved that) got to put on equipment - drag the hoses etc.