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The Rush Volunteer Fire Department has been proudly serving our community since 1920.

We appreciate your support.

  Rush Fire Dept. - 1971 Rush-Mendon Road, Rush, New York 14543  585-533-2058   rfdept@rochester.rr.com   bfaugh@rochester.rr.com)

Calls so far 2019 - 409 as of 11/05/19

2020 CARNIVAL DATES: JULY 9, 10 & 11


Thoughts & prayers are requested for Rush Firefighter & Henrietta Fire District dispatcher Dan Kwiecien's daughter KAILEEN who in a serious fight with cancer that has returned.


Old VHF Radio System needed two radios and 2 - 100 Watt boosters. This part of our $270,000 radio system upgrade that we had to do to comply with the counties new radio system in January of 2020.

New "Trunking" Radio System photo below

10/07/19 Monroe Co. Fire Coordinator Steve Schalabba attended the Rush Fire Department monthly meeting to present a retirement plaque to Past Chief Robert Faugh. Bob served as a Monroe County Fire Instructor since 1982 (37 years).  He was the longest serving fire instructor in county history. He also was a NYS Fire Instructor and NY State Police Academy Instructor for many years.  He was also recognized by the Monroe Co. Manager for "significant contributions" to the County Fire and EMS Bureau for many years. He was a training committee member & chairman for FASNY for several years.  He also served as Deputy County EMS Coordinator for 25 years.  He represented the 800 Fire Districts in NYS on the NYS EMS Council for 9 years. Bob is still an active firefighter (Fire Police Capt.) and also serves a Vice Chairman on the Rush Fire District Board of Fire Commissioners. He has been the FD Treasurer since 1972. 


BREAKING NEWS 6 PM 9-1919 - Dominique Lippa 24 of Webster and Daniel Erwin 30 of Dansville have been INDICTED by a Monroe County Grand Jury for Assault and Burglary.


TWO RUSH FIRE FIGHTER EMTs ASSAULTED. 9-4-19 at 6:40 Rush Fire/EMS requested at a rollover MVA I-390 NB south of Exit 11. Prior to getting on the expressway Fire/EMS was canceled by the sheriffs. At 7:33 Requested again for a car into the guardrail I-390 NB south of exit 11. Rush 589 & pumper 582 responded. Upon arrival Asst. Chief Sean Brown observed a male & female passed out in the car. He then requested ALS (Advance Life Support) to the scene. 589 arrived and they attempted to wake up the people. They came awake and immediately began assaulting the Asst. Chief & ambulance crew. 582 crew Bob Faugh & Chief Jon Faugh arrived and assisted trying to get these people under control with poor results. Pumper 582 contacted 911 and told them to step up the police response due to the "situation". The male jumped back into the car and somehow got the car running and drove north for about 300 ft. stopped and began backing up at a high rate of speed towards our crews who had to let the female loose and get out of the way. The female then jumped into the open pass. window and they drove north. 911 Notified by 582 that they were NB with extensive drivers side damage and 2 flat tires male and female poss. on some type of drugs and might get off at Exit 11 which they did. They then tried to break into a home on Rt 251 and left. The pair was located behind Chase Farm stand on Rt 251 and taken into custody by the Monroe Co. Sheriffs. CHS ambulances then transported them to Strong. Investigation cont. by Monroe County Sheriffs and State Police. Firefighters Zac Dubois & Josh Gretzinger were checked out and will be OK.  At the scene were Monroe Co. Sheriffs, Livingston Co. Sheriffs, NY State Police, County  Medical Director Dr. Cushman &  EMS Coord Reg Allen.  Both EMT are seasoned EMTs who work for commercial ambulance service in Henrietta & Rochester along with Asst. Chief Sean Brown.    Chief Jon Faugh is a DRE (Drug Recognition Expert State Trooper ) for the New York State Police.


TO BUY ON LINE -  https://rushfdcoin.org

Our 100 year anniversary is in 2020 and the anniversary committee has a limited amount of fund raiser collector coins available to offset the cost of our many events for 2020. These collector coins can be obtained from some Rush firefighter including Jim Bucci, Duane Fanning, Tyler Grillo, Bob Faugh and Eric McNeil.  They are $10.00 from members. If you want one in the mail its $12.00.  Send a check made out to Rush FD to Treasurer Bob Faugh - PO Box 252, Rush, NY 14543.  The coin is 1.75 inches across.



      2018 Fire – Rescue & EMS Activity  - 427 calls 

Major Loss Fires 1 Structure (Boulder CK)  2 Autos (1 Rt 15 – 1 I-390)    Total    3

Fires in a structure – minor or no damage                                                Total    4

Poss. Airplane Crash (false report)                                                            Total    1

Good Intent – Poss. fire or incident – unfounded – FD not needed            Total  22 

Fire - Automatic Alarms -  Cooking  16,  False set off by resident 3,

                                            Low Batt 2, Malfunction 14,  Fire drill 3            Total  37 

Carbon Monx. Alarms – Alarm w/ CO  0,   Low Batt. 3, Test 1                  Total   4 

Fumes or Gas leak (One dug up gas line)                                                 Total   4 

Mutual Aid to Other Depts – HFFD 11, Henrietta 9, Scottsville 5            

                                               Chili 1, East Avon 1,                                     Total  27 

Misc. Service Calls in Rush (1 Missing person – 2 Lock outs –

1 Child caught in swing – no EMS )                                                             Total    4 

Wires down, Wires burning, Trees down – Haz/Conditions                   Total  19 

Water Problems                                                                                         Total   4 

Brush – Rubbish fires 4 – Recreation fires 4                                           Total   8

 MVA w/ Fire Apparatus response                                                            Total  26

MVA – Fluid Spills No EMS required                                                       Total  13 

                                                                              Total of all above calls       176 

Ambulance EMS Activity:  Incident stand bys  3  Lift Assist 4, Call canceled 4,  Total 11

Ambulance transports or sign off at scene  60,  Ambulance transports with  Advanced Life Support in Rig  25 

Total  589 Response and/or transport  96  

Advance Life Support required – Transported by ALS from CHS (Henrietta) or HF Mendon –

No Rush First Responder or equipment    (Total  36)

Ambulance – ALS Required – Transported by ALS – Rush 587, 589 or F/R to the scene to assist

(Total  67)   Total ALS Calls  103 

Basic Life Support (BLS) No crew for 589 - No First Responder, Transported or sign off by CHS or HF Mendon.   (Total 23)  BLS transport or sign off – No crew f/ 589 – First Responder from Rush to scene    (Total 11)   MVAs Victim signed off or Transported by other agency  (Total  8)   Medical Alarms – unfounded or false ( Total 5)EMS calls not in District  4,   MHA – Police Transported  2,    (Total  6)

                                                       Total Ambulance / EMS calls   252 –     Total ALL Calls -  428




On 03/19/18 just after midnight, Rush FD Ambulance & CHS MIHC (Henrietta Ambulance) were dispatched to a report of a 68-year-old male in cardiac arrest. The caller who also performed CPR until Monroe County Sheriff Deputy Erica Henderson arrived and took over CPR within 3 minutes of the initial call to 911. EMT Jim Bucci Rush Past Fire Chief and present firefighter & Dep Chief at CHS (Henrietta Ambulance) arrived and was the first Rush responder to arrive within 7 minutes. 9-1-1 did a great job of making the proper notifies and getting help on the way quickly.


Upon his arrival he confirmed a medical 500 and the Deputy continued CPR until EMT Bucci applied the pads on the patient’s chest within 53 seconds where CPR was briefly stopped so the AED (Automatic Defibulator) could analyze the patient’s heart rhythm, it was then the AED indicated a shock was warranted and then delivered. Again within 10 minutes from the time of dispatch Paramedic Manzo and Medic Byrne from CHS MIHC, arrive and at this time there was no indication of CPR needing to be done after a pulse check and airway management and patient care was underway.


What saved this patient was CPR being started immediately by the patient’s wife Diana who is a current member of the Rush Fire Department adding she is an EMT and CPR instructor. The added benefit of Deputy Henderson being less than 1000’ away and was able to take over CPR and perform hi quality chest compressions until EMT Bucci arrived with his AED to provide early defibrillation.  Good Prehospital care and treatment is what saved this person’s life!